Playa Guiones is a yoga- surf town located 2.5 hours south of the Liberia airport on the Nicoya Penninsula.  This bohemian town is home of a pristine 3 mile stretch of soft sand beach, surrounded by natural beauty of jungle and wildlife and is one of five Blue Zones in the world. #livelonger#behappy. 

Every evening the whole town heads to the beach for sunset. This ceremonial daily ritual is what makes Playa Guiones so special. Locals, tourists, dogs, surfers, children all coming together to give gratitude to the day. Now who wouldn't want to be a part of that?

The town consists of local ticos and ticas, ex pats, tourists, yogi's, and surfers. There are over 25 restaurants ranging from amazing local cuisine to authentic Italian, French, Turkish, and other  restaurants owned by natives of their country. Live music most nights.  

The people of Nosara are happy, friendly, and welcoming. Pura Vida everyday. Enjoy fresh pipa (coconut water) on the beach. Enjoy a beach with no rocks, velvet sand, and 80 degree water. Walk right in. #nowetsuits

Enjoy the howler monkeys with your morning coffee and the Iguanas at lunch.