Travel to and from

Where do I fly into?
Fly into Liberia, Costa Rica. Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport. 

Can I fly direct?
Most cities are now flying direct to Liberia, Costa Rica. If you are coming from Minneapolis both Sun Country and Delta fly direct.

How do I get from the Liberia airport to Nosara? Is it included in the cost? And how long is the drive?

Transportation to and from the Liberia airport is not included in the retreat price. HOWEVER, we will organize your transportation for you through the Bodhi Tree Resort. The cost of the transport is anywhere from $40 one way to $150 one way depending on how many people are in the taxi. A private taxi with less than 4 people is $150 (which can be divided by the group if more than 1 person is in the van). All airport transportation charges will be charged to your room. The drive is 2.5 hours from the Liberia airport. The road is paved. The last 30 minutes is a dirt road.


What is the exchange rate?
1 Costa Rican Colon = $.0018 dollar / 1000 colones = $1.78 dollars / 2000 colones = $3.57 dollars

Do restaurants etc. except credit cards?
Yes, most places accept credit cards. However, there are a few restaurants here and there that do not. Its best to always have some cash on you.

How much cash should I bring? Are there ATM machines?
I would suggest bringing enough cash for $100/day and also plan to use your credit card. This way you have options. If you plan to only use cash maybe bring more, depending on what you plan to do. There is one ATM machine with in walking distance that accepts Visa debit cards the limit is $200-$300 cash withdraw per day. Sometimes the machine runs out of money! So be prepared and bring cash.  You can also go to the bank next door and use your passport and Visa debit card to with drawl more cash.

Do I tip? And how much?
Always have $1 bills on you to tip the Tuk Tuk drivers. Tuk Tuk is a 3-4 passenger tiny car that can take you around the town to restaurants etc. As far as restaurants a 10% service fee is already added into the bill and you will see it at the bottom. We suggest tipping an additional 10%.

Is there a market? Whats the price range for the restaurants?
There are a few small markets within a short bike ride or Tuk Tuk ride from the Bodhi Tree. You can find everything you need here with an up charge! Restaurants are in the mid range. Nothing is really cheap but its also not off the charts expensive. 

what to bring

What is the attire?
Playa Guiones is hip, bohemian, casual beach town. Flip flops are acceptable everywhere! Shorts, tee shirts, sun dresses, swim suits, cover ups, sun hats, baseball hats, and sunglasses, is basically all the wardrobe you will need. The roads are not paved so flat shoes are best. Bring tennis shoes or closed toe shoes if you plan to zip line or hike.

Are there hairdryers in the room? Is there body wash, shampoo, and conditioner?
There are NO hairdryers in the room, All rooms DO have body wash, shampoo, and conditioner.

Tell me about the bugs
Bring your bug spary! 

Is there a washer and dryer on site?
There is  laundry service at the hotel for $1 an item


the retreat

How many classes a day are offered?
Two- three classes per day are offered.  We recommend signing up for 1-2 classes everyday. Guests will have the opportunity to choose from a la carte menu of classes: Yoga Sculpt, Pilate Mat, Barre, Cycle, TRX, and Restorative Yoga.

I am a beginner. Can I come?
YES! of course. All levels, all body types, both men and woman are welcome. We are all qualified to teach all levels and all people. 

Can I come by myself?
YES! If there is any trip you do on your own this is the one! This week is the perfect for those who are a little nervous traveling alone but would love to come. You will come knowing no one and leave with many new friends from all over the world!

I don't like group travel but I want to come. Is this trip for me?
YES! You don't have to come to any group dinners if you choose not to. You are welcome to spend your days reading solo by the pool, long solo walks along the beach, napping in your room. Its all good!

I am vegan, gluten free, and/or vegetarian. Will I be able to eat the food at the resort?
YES! The Bodhi Tree offers vegan, gluten free, and vegitarian options at every breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the week.