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Welcome to Nosara: My Experience

Nosara is a village and a district on Costa Rica's Nicoya Peninsula with a population of approximately 6,000 people. It's known as a yoga center. It's a town where everyone knows you by name. A town where time is not measured by a clock, but merely by the sunrise and sunset overlooking the magical jungle. A town where you can enjoy your purest life.

February 2010 was the first time I traveled to Nosara with my sister. I admit, prior to traveling to Costa Rica I was quite nervous and hesitant; it was so far away from Minnesota - what if something bad happens? Is it safe? I've never even heard of Nosara! Traveling out of the country always makes me anxious, but all of my hesitations were gone from the minute I landed in Nosara.


When I first arrived, I was greeted with fresh coconut water and a group of smiling faces - beautiful faces at that. Everyone was so beautiful, so kind and so genuinely excited for our arrival. My sister and I spent our days waking up and taking a yoga or pilates class in the jungle taught by Adrienne Fitzmaurice - I remember at one point looking up and seeing tiny monkeys swinging from the trees; every view was breathtaking.


The afternoons were spent surfing with the guys at Nosara Tico Surf School, zip lining, horseback riding on the beach, boogie boarding, biking, swimming or catching some rays. Right before sunset we would meet back for some Restorative Yoga or Prana Stretching (my favorite) before heading to the beach and watching the sun go down with a glass of wine.


At night we'd dance under the stars or go out to (with all of our new friends met on the retreat) at all of the unique restaurants found in the jungle and on the beach (Shout-out to La Luna!). We would then go to sleep, only wake up to another day of paradise.


This year, the retreat will offer a range of classes including Yoga, Pilates, TRX, Restorative, Cycling and more! We will have the entire Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort for our private retreat and I simply cannot wait to meet everyone.

Namaste my friends!


    Lizzy is a Pura Vida Retreat 'goer' since 2010,                     located in Minneapolis. 

    Lizzy is a Pura Vida Retreat 'goer' since 2010,                     located in Minneapolis.